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No more waiting lines during your event!

We found a solution together with Casio. Scanning every ticket type, selling door tickets, reading the Tibbaa Member Card. Everything is possible with Tibbaa Entrance. The software is running on the compact Casio VR-200 and includes a cash drawer and PIN terminal. It is easy to install on any location. No more trouble at the door. You can now scan every type of barcode because of this unique software.

In combination with the Tibbaa Scan app, no line will be too long anymore. The Tibbaa Scan app communicates with Tibbaa Entrance and is also capable of scanning every type of barcode. You decide who can see the statistics and who can search the database for a name or email address. Now you can handle every situation.
Safe & Secure! Is the safety of your visitors also your number one priority? Use the Tibbaa ID-scan to scan official documents and to create a link to a Tibbaa Member Card.
This way every visitor will get their own personal member card. When Tibbaa Entrance reads the member card, the picture of the ID document will appear.
Our system is fully compliant with applicable privacy legislation. Your access will also be within those constraints.


Tibbaa Entrance
Tibbaa Entrance is an app running on the Casio VR-200. You can easily set up your door sales for your tickets via the Tibbaa Management app.

  • The number of tickets per ticket type
  • The price per ticket type
  • Live statistics from door sales

Tibbaa Members
It is easy to scan and use member cards with Tibbaa Entrance. This means you can reward your loyal visitors! For example, free entrance on their birthday or a €5 discount. It is also possible to provide every visitor with a card. This way you can always have an overview of who is at your event.

Tibbaa Scan
It is now possible to scan every type of barcode within 0,3 seconds because of the latest technology. The following functions are possible with the new app:

  • Upload external barcodes
  • Set up functions per user (search / statistics)
  • Easy login by scanning a QR code

Safe & Secure
The Tibbaa ID-scan links official ID documents with the Tibbaa Member Card.

  • Provide access via ID photo
  • Link privileges to a member card
  • Data about who has been present when
  • Possibility to (temporary) block a member card



The VR-200 is the solution for Tibbaa POS. Quick, small and with a built-in printer it is the perfect device. When the software is installed, it is a simple ABC to start selling tickets. Every seller receives a personal login, so the promoter can check the sales statistic per seller.

In this application you can connect an PIN terminal for bank payments. You only need the PIN device and then only have to enter the service-ID number. We will connect it through our payment services provider and you are ready to sell tickets via the PIN terminal.

In the POS menu, you will only see the events of the promoters who have selected your location as seller for their event. By scrolling over the touch screen it is easy to select the events.

This application provides you also with a loyalty program. Not only for buying tickets, but for all products in the shop or location. The Credits Factory (“Credits”) is a company that creates loyalty programs for merchants. By scanning the loyalty card and filling in the amount of the purchase, the cardholder will collect their loyalty credits.

The Tibbaa POS system has its own sales history. So you can always reprint or resend the tickets to a buyer. We also provide the option to print a sales report. You yourself can determine the period (for example a report for a particular day or week).


About StreetSmart
StreetSmart is an app that enables clubs and promotors to allocate a set amount of tickets for their ambassadors to sell. Per ambassador you can set:

  • which events/party he or she is able to promote;
  • the number of available guest list tickets, door tickets and direct sales;
  • the pricing for the different ticket types;
  • the promotion fee the ambassador receives for a successful sale.

How it is used
Ambassadors login with their e-mail address and password. The app supports their sales activities on the streets, anytime and anyplace.

Safe and reliable
The ticket is sent straight to the buyer as proof of purchase. Ambassadors can view their own sales history and check pay-outs. Tickets can be sold using various payment methods (cash, debit card, credit card or PayPal).

Agent’s location
In the dashboard the agent’s specifics (name, phone number and e-mail address) are stored. Furthermore it is possible to track the agent’s exact location.

Tibbaa StreetSmart makes it possible to effectively report on a range of variables, such as ticket sales, effective door scans and payment details.


Tibbaa Scan is THE door solution to scan every type of ticket for your event. Download the app in the app stores via your mobile phone (iOS and Android) and start immediately. Login with your unique login code. Setting up other users? No problem. Via the settings page you can differentiate what type of ticket can be scanned, use the search option and set up what kind of statistics are available. When set up, the other user can login by scanning the QR code from within your app. The Tibbaa Scan app communicates real time with the online database. Temporarily out of reach? No problem. The app has already automatically synchronized the necessary data so that you will always be able to scan tickets!

Check out the statistics in the app, or search manually by name, email address or number. In case you do not have sufficient scanning equipment, then Tibbaa offers the possibility to rent mobile CAT-scanners (one free from 350 tickets sold). You can also integrate external tickets into Tibbaa Scan app. Please contact us for more information.


Questions? Feel free to contact us.